The uses of Modafinil

Modafinil is used to deal with the issues of excessive sleepiness during daytime or night shifts. It is essential for an individual to have a controlled sleep for the achievement of the set goals in life. The sleepiness while working is handled by using modafinil. The medicine is also traded using Provigil and modavigil brand to ensure that there is a smooth flow of work (Medline Plus, 2018). The obstructive sleep should be handled by an individual to perform the assigned duties at work effectively. The night shift workers are encouraged to use modafinil to stay awake throughout the night. The excessive sleepiness is a condition that is experienced by many people thus should be handled for a steady flow of life.

Modafinil description

The medicine is widely traded as Provigil with the common administration being oral. The oral administration assists an individual to use the medicine in the right amount to deal with the sleepiness condition. The chemical compounds in modafinil are diphenylmethyl, sulfinyl and acetamide (RxList Inc, 2018). It is white and insoluble in water. Therefore one is supposed to swallow it as a tablet, and it will work effectively in the body. Modafinil has mineral compounds that strengthen the mind of the user towards attaining the desired goals in the workplace. The lactose, magnesium and sodium ingredients provide the needed minerals to stay awake.


An individual is required to use modafinil as a single dose of 300 mg daily every morning or one hour before the work shift. The dosage used by an individual should consider the sleepiness condition of the person. In case of severe cases of sleepiness one is required to take up to 400 mg per day. There are additional benefits to using the 400 mg dosage to deal with the issue of sleep during working hours (RxList Inc, 2018). Modafinil has been of help to many people by ensuring that there is a high level of concentration while at work. Patients with severe hepatic conditions use 100 mg to control the sleep effectively. People using low doses are monitored to ensure that it assists them in dealing with the issue of sleepiness.

Side effects

l Headache

l Dizziness

l Nausea

l Diarrhea

l Heartburn

l Constipation

l Drowsiness

Buying Modafinil

The medicine is available in physical and online stores to deal with the sleepiness condition to the community. It is recommendable that one uses information acquired from the doctor or pharmacist while administering the medicine. The use of the right dosage makes it possible for an individual to deal with the issue of sleeping while at work. Modafinil is used to develop good sleeping habits that will make an individual productive from work done (Medline Plus, 2018). The online purchase is better than the physical purchases in the chemist due to the easy accessibility of the product. It is crucial to use a reputable online retail website to acquire the medicine for a proper functioning of the body.

Modafinil And Security Personnel


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