Red Thai Kratom | Which one is best kratom strain

Thailand is one of the epicenters of kratom cultivation in the world. The hot and the humid environmental conditions of Thailand are conducive not just for the flourishing of Thailand Mitragyna speciose strain but also for its high alkaloids content mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine. Red Thai kratom also popularly known as Red Vein Thai kratom is one of the most demanded kratom strains in the market. The Red Thai Kratom can be found nearly in any kratom online store and retail center. It’s preferred by those who want to relax their mind, body, and also by those who want to enhance their overall physical and emotional wellbeing. If you have ever used it you know it doesn’t have the stimulating properties unlike the Thai Green vein but its effects last much longer than any other red vain strain. There are many kratom vendors where you can buy it and i would like to recommend sacred kratom which is more reliable

What is Red Vein Thai?

Red Vein Thai or Red Thai kratom is a strain that has been extracted from kratom trees leaves that have red veins and stems. The red color in the veins and stems is due to the different chemical composition of the plant and hence its name derived from the color. Nearly all the red Thai kratom originates from Thailand where the climatic conditions are favorable for thriving.

Medicinal Benefits of Red Thai Kratom

Different strains of kratom, in this case, Thai kratom do have a different effect on the user. The difference is brought up by the chemical composition of the raw material which in turn influences the color of the leaves and steams. Instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs that may have adverse side effects to the user, people have turned to herbal medication and Red Thai kratom being a herb here are some of its benefits.

Pain Relief

When a human being experiences an injury, the human nerves transmit the signals to the central nervous system which translate the feeling as pain. When one feels pain there is a neuronal reaction and endorphins are released to lessen the pain. They do this by binding themselves to the mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors. The alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine imitate the functions of endorphins by attaching themselves to the mu and delta brain receptors. This process eventually results in the reduction of pain and fast relief. With Red Thai kratom the higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine works in alleviating the pain.


In most cases when one wants to relax some of the ideas that pop up on the mind include having a massage, hot bath, sip green tea, meditate, stretch, yoga and so many ideas but at times they seem to fail you. When your mind and body is relaxed you are miles away from depression, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, stress, diabetes, and many other health problems. What you need is Red Thai kratom since its 7-hydroxymitgragynine helps you relax and also you get to experience some mild sedative effects.

Dosage and Usage Guideline on Red Thai Kratom

Dosage of Red Thai kratom usually depends on individual needs.

For those who want to suppress their stress, anxiety and depression levels they need around 4 to 8 grams of the Red Thai kratom. This will boost their moods, help them relax and experience a sense of tranquility.

For those who want to alleviate the pain, they need 8 to 9 grams of the Red Thai. This works wonders but doesn’t take an overdose of the Red Thai.

Please note just like all the other kratom strains do not take beyond the recommended dosage since there are side effects to an overdose of any medication out there.


Always start on a smaller dose, give the herb sometime to work before you increase your dosage. If you experience severe side effects discontinue the strain or consult your doctor.