We all know the crucial roles that the kratom plays in our bodies and lives. We understand and appreciate their roles in helping us to stay awake longer, and combat excessive pain, among others. However, they, just like every other kind of drug, are not without their fair share of downsides. We are going to look at some of the common side effects of these natural supplements in the proceeding discussions.



These are feelings of extreme nervousness. They are mainly occasioned by hormonal imbalances that arise as the active ingredients of the supplement dissolve in the bloodstream. The jitters can cause discomforts, lack of self-confidence, and the likelihoods of tripping off. You may have to tone down or discontinue use if the effects intensify. This is because the end results may often be too devastating to endure.

Inability to concentrate

In the process of working on and in the body, the kratom may also overwhelm your mental faculties. If and when this happens, it may make it quite difficult to concentrate and focus on a single task for quite some time. This leads to forgetfulness, the loss of memory, and boredom with the tasks at hand. This is why you should all means use the supplement in moderate amounts.

Nausea or Dizziness

Some people may feel like vomiting whenever they consume the supplement. The taste of the drug is not so awesome. This could partly explain this feeling of nausea. Some people also have allergies to some of the ingredients that constitute the supplements. Other than nausea, some may experience dizziness due to loss of alertness of the brain. This calls for adequate rest after taking the drug.

Itchiness and Excessive Sweating

Quite a number of users have reported feelings of itchiness after taking the supplement. This has particularly been witnessed whenever the drug is taken in larger quantities. Some have also experienced excessive sweating after taking the supplement especially for a prolonged duration of time. To mitigate these two side effects, the drug has to be taken in small or moderate quantities.


The Green Malay Kratom contains plenty of active ingredients. These do inject more energy to the body. As a result of this extra energy, the body experiences some form of hyperactivity. This side effect is not as bad as it can help in tackling some tough tasks. If the extra energy is not dissipated appropriately, the bodily faculties may often be worn out or overwhelmed in the long run.


The Green Malay Kratom is still a wonderful and worthwhile natural supplement notwithstanding the aforementioned minor side effects. You should therefore not shy away from using them. Only be sure that you use them in moderation. This way, it will be possible for you to mitigate its side effects and stay healthier all along. All the best as you consider leveraging the awesome benefits of this natural supplement next!